Announcing Iron Horse

Iron Horse Brewery presents Iron Horse Bluegrass. No, Greg hasn’t taken up the guitar and you won’t find Dane on the drums. We’re bringing in the Iron Horse Bluegrass band, all the way from Muscle Shoals, AL to play bluegrass covers of your favorite rock songs on Saturday, March 17th, 2018 at our all-ages Paddy On Party. 

According to a press release with lots of facts and data Iron Horse was formed in 2000 (4 years earlier than our brewery) in the famous hit recording capital of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The band consists of four members including Vance Henry, guitar, lead & tenor vocals; Anthony Richardson, banjo, baritone & bass vocals; Ricky Rogers, bassist, baritone & lead vocals; and Tony Robertson, mandolin, lead & tenor vocals.

The bands’ roots go back to the late 1970’s, when Tony Robertson and Ricky Rogers were charter members of the popular local group, “The Next in Line”.  Through the years and after involvement with several groups, the present band was born as a result of the participation of Tony Robertson, Vance Henry and Ricky Rogers in the Jake Landers Band.  In December 2002, Anthony was asked to fill an opening for a banjo player and the present Iron Horse configuration evolved. Iron Horse creates much of its own music, with an innate ability for cross-genre arrangements.  Iron Horse has four self-produced albums.

Other random fact: Iron Horse has 1,875,360 views and 11,448 subscribers according to their handy dandy PR sheet listing YouTube data from December 20, 2014. That is actually slightly old and we suspect their views are quite higher since their subscribers have jumped to 37,977 people. Sounds like they are on the up and up so you better see them before you can’t afford their tickets anymore!

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